Credit Card Refinance Calculator

If you are considering taking advantage of a balance transfer offer for a credit card, then this tool is for you. You provide it with information on the current card you are considering transferring, as well as info about the new card you will be refinancing with. This calculator meant to facilitate the process of performing a balance transfer, but there are certainly other factors to consider.

I’ve also made this tool available as a Google Gadget. If you want to add it to your iGoogle homepage, click here: Add to Google If you want to add it to your webpage, you can click here.

Current Balance:
Current Interest Rate:
Current Minimum Payment:
Refinance Interest Rate:
Refinance Minimum Payment:
Type of Offer
         Length of Introductory Offer (in months):
Minimum Transfer Fee:
Maximum Transfer Fee (blank = no cap):
Transfer Fee Percentage: